Generative Art

About the Artwork:
Each illustration is an exploration of how light constructs our reality. Each piece was created using a generative art algorithm which projects rays of light through every pixel of a computer screen into a three-dimensional environment. As each ray of light traverses through the scene it gathers information based on what it encounters and the distance it traveled from the viewer’s eye. These calculations are then used to determine and draw the color of every pixel on the screen 60 times per second. This process generates an illusion of depth that draws parallels to the technology held within the human eye that allows us to navigate a three-dimensional world.

While developing these shader programs the artist enters into a spiraling feedback loop with the computer where each shifting variable can lead into vast visual shifts and new areas of exploration. Throughout this process the artist decides how much control to surrender to the machine. Due to this each piece is a co-creation between the artist and the machine.

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